Maitreya Buddha as represented in His Statue, and the Significance of His Smile.


In all the statues and pictures in the history of Buddhism, Maitreya is represented and depicted by a simplistic jolly man with a large protruding stomach and a contagious smiley face. There is a singing verse described this cheerful Buddha:

“Large round stomach ready to store away the hardship of people, large smiley face for making light of all burdened tasks that are hard to smile about.”




So the Maitreya smile is a perpetually happy smile – an everlasting smile; and his spirit is immensely generous with no boundaries – a limitless generosity. No one can look at his picture without sensing a calming peaceful effect radiated about.

It wasn’t by random that all the statues and pictures of Maitreya were sculptured and depicted in that manner, but it was the very meaningful genuine aspiration of Buddhism to bring about a constant smile to this ever-suffering world

How to always have a smile on your face? This can be achieved only when we seriously know to let go of all our troubles, destitute, and long sufferings from our heart; when we learn to appreciate and smile at success and happiness of others; and when we can express a smile and a laugh even at times when it is difficult to do so. The Maitreya Buddha has such an effortless smile; He represents an untroubled mind, an immeasurable generosity for the humankind. Every Spring, when New Year arrives, we celebrate Maitreya’s high spirits and blissful representation of Him in order to frequently remind us that:

“When we still meet let just laugh with each other; life is like a gentle rolling stream; accomplishment, fame, wealth are just like clouds shadowing on the water; only love remains afterwards.”


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