ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue is coming!


Sure, for anyone looking at this issue wishing they had a chiseled, amazing body like these athletes do, it's hard to ignore the unintentional double entendre on calling this the "Body Issue."

But let's not focus on that for a moment—in honor of the fourth edition of the Body Issue being released to newsstands, let's focus on some of the most beautiful tattoo to appear in the four editions of the Body Issue.



Tim Howard


Howard will appear nude in the magazine except for his goalie gloves and his numerous tattoos and it looks like ever increasing assortment of tattoos.


Tim Howard


US soccer team goalie Tim Howard


Diana Taurasi


Diana Taurasi


WNBA best player (2009) Diana Taurasi


Patrick Willis


MLB (Major League Baseball ) player Patrick Willis of San Francisco 49ers


Natasha Kai



Natasha Kai, US Soccer/Sky Blue FC


Not everyone can pull off body tattoos like this (hell most people can’t), but Natasha’s definitely an exception.



Team Santos


Mixed martial arts' Team Santos


Suzy Hotrod


Suzy Hotrod, skater for the Gotham Girls Roller Derby


Carlos Bocanegra


Carlos Bocanegra, US Mens soccer team


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