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about lil wayne lifeDwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (born September 27, 1982), better known by his stage name Lil Wayne, is an American rapper. At the age of nine, Lil Wayne joined Cash Money Records as the youngest member of the label, and half of the duo, The B.G.'z, with B.G.. In 1997, Lil Wayne joined the group Hot Boys, which also included rappers Juvenile, B.G., and Young Turk. Hot Boys debuted with Get It How U Live! that year. Lil Wayne gained most of his success with the group's major selling album Guerrilla Warfare, released in 1999. Also in 1999, Lil Wayne released his Platinum debut album Tha Block Is Hot, selling over one million copies in the U.S.

Although his next two albums Lights Out (2000) and 500 Degreez (2002) were not as successful (only reaching Gold status), Lil Wayne reached higher popularity in 2004 with Tha Carter, which included the single "Go D.J." Wayne also appeared on the Destiny's Child top ten single "Soldier" that year. In 2005, the sequel to Tha Carter, Tha Carter II, was released. In 2006 and 2007, Lil Wayne released several mixtapes and appeared on several popular rap and R&B singles. His most successful album, Tha Carter III, was released in 2008 and sold over 1 million copies in the U.S. its first week of release. It included the number-one single "Lollipop" featuring Static Major. It also includes the singles "A Milli" and "Got Money" featuring T-Pain and won the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

Lil Wayne released his debut rock album, Rebirth, in 2010 to primarily negative reception from critics. The album eventually went gold. In March 2010, Lil Wayne began serving an 8-month prison sentence in New York after being convicted of criminal possession of a weapon stemming from an incident in July 2007. While in prison he released another album entitled I Am Not a Human Being in September 2010, featuring Young Money artists such as Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Twist. His ninth studio album and first since being released from prison, Tha Carter IV, was released on August 29, 2011.[2] The album includes the songs "6 Foot 7 Foot" featuring Cory Gunz, "How to Love" and "She Will" featuring Drake. It sold 964,000 copies in the U.S. its first week out.


Here you will find lots of pictures of Lil' Wayne and his tattoos. Weezy has tattoos from head to toe with many different meanings, so we will try and explain all of them.

Lil Wayne Tattoos
A Crack On His Forehead

Lil Wayne A Gun Palm Tattoo
A Gun tat on his palm.

Lil Wayne and Birdman Tattoos
Weezy and Birdman tatted on their chest and neck.

Lil Wayne Face Tattoos
  Here you see his ‘I Am Music’, tears & New Orleans symbol tattoos.

Lil Wayne Back Tattoo
  A prayer on Lil Wayne back.

Lil Wayne Tattoos
  A Few vein tattoos on the side of his chest and an alien on his arm.

Lil Wayne Tattoos
He has ‘Baby’ and ‘Slim’ on both shoulders and a bird for ‘Birdman’. He also has a ‘Rolls Royce’ symbol on his left bicep.

Lil Wayne Tattoos

You can see lots of Weezy’s chest tats on the pic above including ‘MOB’ which stands for ‘Money Over Bitches’ or ‘Member Of Bloods’, and you can see his ‘Cash Money’ tattoo which is the record label he is signed to. You can also see his big ‘17′ tattoo which represents the 17th ward of New Orleans (where Wayne grew up) and he has ‘BR’ and ‘JR’ on each side of his navel which is short for his nickname “Birdman Junior”. He has ‘Nae Nae’ on both arms too which is for his daughter.

Lil Wayne Neck Tattoos
The Young Money Entertainment logo on his neck and ‘Soo Woo’ which is something the bloods say.

Lil Wayne Face Tattoos
His 4 tear drops which are for the people who have been killed in his family, ‘Fear God’ and the ‘C’ between his eyes which is for his mother ‘Cita’ and his last name ‘Carter’.

Lil Wayne Hand Tattoos
His ‘Hot Boys’ tattoo on his hands which was the name of the group he used to be a member of.

Lil Wayne Tattoos
His ‘Misunderstood’, ‘Tune’ (nickname) and ‘Lucky Me’ tattoos, and you can even see some more vein tattoos.

Lil Wayne Fear God Tattoo
This is just a picture of Weezy getting his ‘Fear God’ tattoo on his eyelids.

Lil Wayne ESPN Tattoo
Here is his ‘ESPN’ tattoo which is a sports television channel.

Lil Wayne Tattoo
These 3 dots mean ‘laugh, think and cry’.

Lil Wayne Neck Tattoos
He has a ‘W’ and ‘Weezy’ on the side of his neck which is his nickname and favorite letter from the alphabet.

Lil Wayne Tattoos
He colored the star below his neck in red which also has ‘God’ above it, and the bold numbers on his arm represent his date of birth.

Lil Wayne Back Tattoos
Check out what Weezy’s back looks like.

Lil Wayne Chest Tattoos
He has added a red skull over all of his chest tattoos.

Lil Wayne Smiley Face Lip Tattoo
Smiley face tattoo on his inner lip.

Lil Wayne Leg Tattoos
You can see some of his leg tattoos on this picture.

Lil Wayne Face Tattoo
He has replaced his tear drop with a tribal symbol.

Lil Wayne Arm Tattoo
A more detailed view of Weezy’s left arm.

Lil Wayne The World Hand Tattoo
‘The World’ tattoo on his palm… in other words he has the world in his hand.

Lil Wayne Sikk Fukk Tattoo
Wayne has a ‘Sikk Fukk’ tattoo.

Lil Wayne Stars Face Tattoo
Tunechi has added 9 – 10 stars on the side of his face.

Lil Wayne Piru Tattoo
As you can see, Lil Wayne has ‘Piru’ and ‘Damu’ tatted on him in red which is something to do with the bloods.

Lil Wayne Trina Tattoo
Lil Wayne tatted Trina on his finger, but he has now added a ring over it – maybe to suggest that he will never get married?

Lil Wayne Wings Tattoo

Lil Wayne Wings Tattoo

Lil Wayne Wings Tattoo
In the 3 photos above, you can see Lil Wayne has added wings on each side of his chest.

Lil Wayne Pistol Neck Tattoo
Lil Wayne has tatted a gun on the side of his neck.

Lil Wayne I Am Pimp & Flower Ear Tattoo
Tune has ‘I Am Pimp’ near his ear, and it also looks like he has a flower on his ear around his piercing with the stem on his neck.

Lil Wayne Louisiana Map Back Tattoo
You can see lots more Weezy tattoos in this picture including a map of Louisiana on his back.

Lil Wayne Arrow & Slim Tattoo
Lil Wayne has colored ‘Slim’ in red on his shoulder and it looks like he has an arrow in the inside of his ear too.

Lil Wayne Leg Tattoos
This ain’t the best picture, but you can see that he has tattoos all up his leg.

Lil Wayne Ultraviolet Stars Tattoo

Lil Wayne Ultraviolet Stars Tattoo
In the 2 pics above, you can see that Weezy has made a few stars on the side of his face ultraviolet.

Lil Wayne Trigger Finger Tattoo
Lil Wayne has ‘Trigger’ written down his index finger.



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