Beautiful Tattoo House


Andrew Maynard is brilliant designer today, and he has come up with delicate project named The tattoo House in Victoria California. The design is so interesting idea with totally fresh look of modern glass façade. The simple house with a complete glass façade ensures just that and the white tree sticker “tattooed” onto the glass, in contrast with the red finishes is artful in spite of being a commercial touch, and filters the light into the living spaces like a real curtain of trees. The vivid color like red is perfect to adds contemporary touch in glass home design like this.
I really like his original idea to demonstrate how our living space can “live” with unforgettable idea like this. The super large tree sticker adds the beautiful romantic touch in this house. The interior spaces is simple and multi functional. Just for you to know that this house was created in the tight budget.
The practical furnishing and especially the sleek “folded sheet” stairs and a part of the kitchen counter serving, interestingly enough, as stair platform, add an industrial and studio touch. The house has 3 bedroom, included a new living space and kitchen, with open plans allowing a lot of natural light. How inspiring!


Located in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, TokyoSin Den was desgined by Klein Dytham Architecture. This project was carried out in the area for a young couple and a baby as their living space with their hair salon. This cutting-edge’ salon attracts those who have their own style and seeks a perfect hideaway.Maybe you’ve noticed that wall tattoos and stickers are not a very hot trend in interior design, and this black box with strong graphic images in white lines is a great example of innovation. From the exterior the house/salon is meant to stand out and draw attention to itself. Filling the 50 square meter site with what is essentially a black box, the designers were trying to create a strong graphic image on the otherwise simple and massive box – displaying the creativity and uniqueness of the home’s inhabitants. – Via – myninjaplease



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