Miley Cyrus’ tattoos

Miley Cyrus has 16 tattoos. Her most recent tattoo is of a Theodore Roosevelt quote on her left forearm.

On her right hand she has 7 tiny tattoos on her fingers.

Rap tats - Lil' Wayne

Here you will find lots of pictures of Lil' Wayne and his tattoos.

Weezy has tattoos from head to toe with many different meanings, so we will try and explain all of them.

Lover's name tattoo - DJ James Dang Wolfi and actress Dinh Ngoc Diep

This is one of perfect couples in Saigon - Dinh Ngoc Diep, Vietnamese famous actress, and James Dang Wolfi, British professional DJ.

One beautiful day of June, they have came to Lac Viet Tattoo 106 Pasteur to make the lover's name on their bodies.


ESPN the Magazine's Body Issue is coming!


Sure, for anyone looking at this issue wishing they had a chiseled, amazing body like these athletes do, it's hard to ignore the unintentional double entendre on calling this the "Body Issue."

Let's focus on some of the most beautiful tattoo to appear in the four editions of the Body Issue.



Portrait tattoos